Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy is focused on the company as a whole, its market position and position against their competitors. On the basis of the performed analyses we identify the potential for improvement in management. We will help to set corporate planning, so that you get a macro view of the long-term performance of the company, are able to measure and compare the performance of the management and to plan and monitor the financial needs of your company

Strategic planning

  • Market analysis and overview of the competition – we will prepare a market analysis and overview for your company of the competition, including the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). On the basis of this analysis we will suggest improvements, how to streamline your company, be more efficient and attractive to investors.
  • Financial analysis of the company – we will prepare a financial analysis based on the actual results of the company and we will focus on identifying strategic objectives and their implementation.
  • Business plan – we will prepare a long-term three to five-year financial plan for the company, focusing on strategic objectives and their implementation.

Financial planning (financial reporting)

  • Business plan – we assist in the processing of short- and medium-termfinancial plans, including classification according to the corporate structure
    (centres, divisions of the company, etc.)
  • Reporting – we will set reporting within the company in accordance with standards that will help the firm to streamline processes and allow better control of individual activities.

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