““Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success”.”

– Henry Ford

 We are the Saggita Group and we help business owners to prepare their
companies for sale and subsequently to implement the sale successfully.

As Saggita we assist in the preparation of documents for investors, we search for and address suitable investors on the Czech market or abroad.

We negotiate the best conditions for the owner of the company in its sale.

We moderate communication between legal representatives of both
parties, so the agreed trade agreements are maintained.

Our objective is the successful
execution of the transaction under the best possible conditions for the seller.

We are the  saggita_logo Group

Welcome to us!

We also represent investors during their entry into companies – whether strategic investors in buying competition or financial investors in finding the best portfolio investment for them. We provide search and analysis of suitable investment opportunities, negotiate the best possible conditions for the buyer and supervise the execution of the successful transaction.

Our consultancy is based on the profound knowledge of the market and an extensive
network of contacts to private investors in the Czech Republic and abroad.
We deal with every client at senior level. We understand the specifics of various industries in real time.