We believe that one of the biggest motivations of people is to constantly learn something new. Nevertheless, that which is new must have a visible impact on the operation of your company or organization. We will bring a pragmatic view into your business by asking you various important questions. Does what you are planning have a real potential to improve your company? Will the improvement be beneficial to your customers and employees? Will the costs of the change be profitable? Are you able to implement and finish the project? Under what terms?

  • Financial consultancy – we will assist you in creating strategic, operational and financial plans and create detailed plans for each centre, according to which the performance of the company and its key employees will be monitored. Furthermore, we will help you with the financial restructuring of your company. In case of decline in performance we will propose steps to reverse this trend and to improve company performance.
  • Operational consulting – we will focus on operational activities of the company and we will seek opportunities together for improvement and bottlenecks that make the better performance of your company impossible as a whole.
  • M&A support – we will help you with setting strategy for an ideal entry of an investor, including timing, type and conditions of the entry and the choice of a suitable investor. We will help you to create business plans and we will prepare you for their opponency. Furthermore, we will prepare you for a due diligence review, which is necessary for the entry of an investor.
  • Interim management – we will help you with personnel management by appointing our workers or consultants for managerial positions that are available within your company or problematic.