The Saggita Group helps companies to improve their efficiency, to maximize performance and minimize risk. We will ascertain how you stand as a company, we will discuss, where you want to go and we will show you, how to get there.

    • Management of companies – we will help you to make the management of the company more efficient and in the continued development of your company within its area of focus. We will help you to get into the position of the company owner, who will be able to control his business and only lead it at a strategic level, without the necessity of continuous presence in the operational management.
    • Stabilization of companies – we will analyse your company and we will suggest appropriate solutions to streamline processes to improve the overall performance of the company. We focus on detail that will move your company a big step forward.
    • Setting up effective processes in the company – we will focus on analysing and streamlining internal processes leading to more efficient, effective and profitable company.
    • Corporate governance – we will set processes and competencies within the company between the owners, statutory bodies and executive management, focusing on legislation and executive policies and procedures.
    • Exit planning strategy (to maximize the value of the company) – we will help you set a strategy, so that together we will increase the value of the company to its maximum at the time, when you plan the entry of the investor. Timely preparation for this step can increase a company’s value by tens of percent.