The sale of company, so called mandate to sell

Saggita will help you to complete the preparation of the company for sale. Our clients are owners who build successful businesses, are considering their sale to an investor, or seeking private financial resources, which would allow an increase in the potential of the company, to kick-start its growth and thereby the future interest of potential investors.

Preliminary analysis – We will perform a short preliminary analysis for you of the financial situation of the company based on provided statements and possibly a brief feedback about the company’s market situation and its competition. In case of cooperation on the project we subtract the costs of its execution.

Cognitive process – preparation prior to sale – Saggita, through workshops and interviews with owners, gradually prepares the company for the sale. Analyses of the company and standardization of processes are carried out. Throughout the whole preparation we work with the current financial statements and regularly meet the owner. The firm for sale prepares documents for the planned transaction under professional supervision (business plan and other documents) and Saggita fulfils the role of an opponent and prepares the company owner and management for interviews with investors.

Transaction process – Saggita actively sells the company – elaborates the investment memorandum, proposes the strategy of transaction, addresses potential investors and leads subsequent negotiations, assists in due diligence reviews and represents the seller until the signing of purchase contracts.

Sale process in points

  • Reviewing financial indicators and results
  • Determining the strategy of the transaction, including scenarios
  • Preparation of an information memorandum
  • Long list of investors, short list of investors
  • Addressing investors, demanding indicative bids
  • Due Diligence review
  • Negotiations on the terms of the transaction
  • Coordination of consultants
  • Signing the contracts

Benefits for the client

  • Taking responsibility for the success of the sale.
  • Negotiating the best possible conditions.
  • Transparent reporting – the company management is currently informed of the
    progress of the transaction.
  • Savings in costs and time
    – no need for own human resources to communicate with candidates
    -coordination of tax consultants and lawyers
    -the company management is dedicated to managing its business.
  • Minimizing errors in negotiations by the seller, which would affect the final price.
  • Protection against fraud in the transactions.