Purchase of company

Purchase of company, so called mandate to buy

Saggita will help you with to search for meaningful investment and strategic opportunities and their prospective integration into the existing structure. We will help you achieve strategic goals during price negotiations, including assistance in negotiations on other conditions specified in the contract. Further we will assist with the determination of the initial price and negotiating strategies.

Representation in the purchasing – Saggita represents the investor in the transaction process on the purchaser’s side. It deals with the sellers, requires all documents for the transaction, implements Due Diligence reviews and prepares reports for investors.

Purchase process in points

  • Market analysis
  • Finding potential investment opportunity
  • Preparation of the report for the investor – Investment recommendations
  • Obtaining more detailed data on the considered company, including business plan
  • Preparation of a report on the status and conclusions for the considered opportunity
  • Negotiations with the seller and the purchaser especially in terms of determining
    strategy of inclusion of the opportunity to the group
  • Proposing a timetable, its control and performance

Benefits for the client

  • Taking responsibility for the success of the purchase.
  • Negotiating the best possible conditions.
  • Transparent reporting – the company management is currently informed of the
    progress of the transaction.
  • Savings in costs and time
    – no need for own human resources to communicate with sellers
    -coordination of tax consultants and lawyers.
  • Minimizing errors in negotiations by the purchaser, which would affect the final price.
  • Protection against fraud in the transactions.